Even the most vulnerable Ontarians will be impacted by Ford government cuts

Ontario’s Finance Minister, Vic Fedeli indicated today that the province is going to face severe cuts, as the government announced it is working to close a $15 billion deficit.

According to Minister Fedeli, “The task ahead is not an easy one. The hole is deep and it will require everyone to make sacrifices without exception.”

ACORN members are deeply concerned about what low-income families will be expected to sacrifice.

Promised rate increases have already been slashed for ODSP and OW recipients, up to $500 million for social housing retrofits has been cut, and Ford has promised to roll back the minimum wage increase set to take place on January 1st.

In a province where rents have risen by almost thirty per cent in the past ten years and the cost of living is skyrocketing, many low-income community members can barely afford to make ends meet, never mind absorb cuts to their income or essential services.

It looks likely that low-income communities are once again going to be the target of this government’s harsh cuts.

ACORN members will continue to be key leaders in the fight back to make sure Ontario is an affordable, livable province for low and moderate income people.

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